– The role of ecological heterogeneity in a long-term grassland restoration experiment NSF LTREB

– Inter-annual variation in climate effects on trajectories of community development and ecosystem functioning in restored prairie. LTER

– Evaluation of ecotypic variation and functional response of a dominant grass (Andropogon gerardii) across the precipitation gradient of tallgrass prairie and in response to altered precipitation USDA

– Comparison of ecosystem recovery during C4-grassland development between contrasting precipitation regimes, soil textures, high and low diversity restorations, and across continents (North American vs. South Africa). The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

– Examination of ecological consequences of dominant grass source (i.e., cultivar vs. locally collected seed sources) used in prairie restoration on leaf-level processes, root architecture and dynamics, competitive interactions, community structure, and ecosystem processes. NSF

– The role of human filters, specifically selection of dominant species population sources and initial seed mix diversity (grass:forb ratio), on the re-assembly of tallgrass prairie community structure and function. LTER